21 thoughts on “How to play 112 Jazz Guitar Chords (HD)

  1. realchords

    This is a great lesson. To see all these chords check out RealChords Pro
    iPad app: SEE All these chords in all Possible positions including the
    ability to save irregular shapes – there also a free version.
    BTW ‘Autumn leaves’ and ‘There will never be Another You’ are two songs
    where the chords are all from the parent scale as this great teacher is
    showing. That means you can solo in home key all the way and it will sound

  2. grazer770

    just a small point and not a criticism. wouldnt it be more “foundational”
    to learn the simple chords (without the 7th extention) and inversions
    first. it would make learning this more understandable?

  3. Hubert Kalinowski

    great lesson man! :)) it helped me a lot in understanding how to build
    chords. Thank you so much :)?

  4. MrJoeyBoombotz

    Powerful lesson and packed into less than 11 minutes. How about a similar
    video harmonizing minor scales with extentions. Thank you!!?

  5. Rod Gibson

    Hats off to you sir.. after 20 years playing guitar, I can still learn new
    things… have a great week. ?

  6. ME M

    Instantly usable. Many ways to branch off from this lesson and create
    études for oneself. Thanks. ?

  7. easyvivo

    Sir…. do you have a lesson where you play the circle of fourths or
    fifths, walking the bass notes, (up or down) and connecting the chords. I
    have not seen or heard a master blues guitar coach play them. But I want
    to see it on paper too. thanks Ed?

  8. Garth Herberg

    Love your approach to learning chords! Simple and so thorough. Looking
    forward to trying this in the minor mode too. Thank you!?


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