23 thoughts on “Hiromi Uehara Summer Rain LIVE

  1. DonBartholomeo89

    there? is one thing she could do better on her concerts: after starting she should never stop!

  2. artandsoul69

    To say I LOVE Hiromi’s playing is a huge understatement!!!! She’s some kind of Japanese? Piano Goddess!!!! Totally amazing and inspiring!

  3. LunaArthemis

    Shortcuts: Tony Grey’s Bass Solo – 2:18 / Hiromi’s Piano Solo – 5:34 / Expressions at 0:37 / 1:13 / 1:25 / 1:32 [Pokemon Face! Ha!] / 2:15 / 3:06 / 4:25 / 5:18? [Diva]

  4. bjjazzfan

    What a great number from a terrific trio. having listened to many of her bands, i think this is definately one of the best setups. The ability as a pianist goes without saying, But I really? love the bass player. Keep it up, brilliant music.

  5. 1wayne12345

    I’ve now seen many videos of her and her band(s).
    Yet another amazing thing I’ve noticed is even with? how complex her songs are, nobody seems to be reading charts.
    My gosh, these guys are good! (understatement)

  6. vkkim

    i used to think /watch?v=CVvAKIU5BT0#t=5m40s was the best jazz piano solo ever, but i was? very wrong; clearly it’s 5:36 by hiromi 😀

  7. bessonpaul

    she actually does’nt want to put a name on her music.? i quote “it has some element of classical, it has some jazz, it has some rock. but i don’t want to put name on it”.

  8. rory09

    jazz and classical are two sides of the same coin, much like Simon Cowell and the diminishing standards of music in western culture are two cheeks of the? same puss-spewing insalubrious arse.


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