Habits – Vintage 1930’s Jazz Tove Lo Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 thoughts on “Habits – Vintage 1930’s Jazz Tove Lo Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

  1. conejitoasesinoOG

    I believe this is more Ella Fitzgerald style, not the lovely Billy. And
    seeing that Ella is my all time fave I loved this! Not a single misstep in
    the vocals! And the arrangement was so lovely. Wonderful job! ?

  2. Kristina Ring

    I really enjoyed this rendition and I think Haley Reinhart has a wonderful
    voice, however, I did not like that most sentences were not completed (ex;
    got to stay high, all the ti, to keep you off my mi… fall back dow. …
    need someone to love agai…). Perhaps that’s just a pet peeve of mine but
    for me, it was distracting. Nonetheless, it was a great performance and as
    always; Scott, fellas… You boys are phenomenal! ?

  3. Adi Halevy

    First 5 seconds of this video I hit the like button and said “I have to
    google this girl, she sings like an angel” and then I find out she was on
    American’s Idol, how come she didn’t win????

  4. Paul Reed

    I don’t know where you guys keep getting these amazing, unique vocalists
    from, but you blow me away every time. Haley’s voice is spectacular.?

  5. bazzingaification

    The hate comments on this are ridiculous..but anyway ive been a fan of
    Haley since idol..love her and i’m very happy to see that she’s still doing
    music :)?

  6. Y2John ?•?• ?

    Oh God, my ears! Well, I guess this is how you destroy and disrespect a
    Tove Lo song. lol :/ Bring the hate on you deaf bastards, I have NO FUCKS
    to give! ;)?

  7. Diabolus in Musica

    I love the arrangement, but not the singer. She’s got a voice like a 10
    year old. And this is the chick posing as “Stacey’s Mom”…? Stacey’s
    father could be had up for paedophilia! ?

  8. Himmm2

    Tove Lo’s original is a depressing modern glorification of destroying your
    mind over a relationship.
    Like the message in “Free”, Haley’s throwback version is pure refined
    upbeat music, with a more respectful kind of high, where you can actually
    understand the lyrics. How can you not be proud of Haley/PMJ’s

  9. Juan Manuel Martinez

    This song is so disturbing, is like the lyrics are going down into a hole,
    but yet, the melody is so perfectly cheery… It’s amazing?

  10. Jason Bautista

    Another great arrangement and amazing vocals as promised. However as a big
    Hot Club/Gypsy Jazz fan the title left me disappointed. This, as others
    have said, is not Gypsy Jazz, It much more in line with 30’s 40’s jazz, a
    la Freddie Green. Other than that, great video. I am really interested to
    see if you would be able to “Hot Club” a pop song up, which would be

  11. ScottBradleeLovesYa

    New Video (AND new album)!! The wait is over – here’s Haley Reinhart’s PMJ
    video debut! We took Tove Lo’s “Habits” and took it back to the days of
    Billie Holiday. Get ready for some phenomenal vocals, folks…

    Our new album, “Selfies on Kodachrome” is available here:

  12. Jeri Taylor

    This video sent me on a massively epic Haley Reinhart video hunt. And I am
    not sorry about it at all. Gosh, I love her. Her new music (Knock me out)
    is Amazing, and all her NOJO jazz stuff and EVERYTHING with Casey Abrams!
    And its official Season 10 American Idol was a joke!?

  13. Jonathan Sinanan

    about that ridiculous 10 year old voice comment….Haley is a soprano…she
    sings high…and even has a good lower register…but the key of the
    instrumental had to match with her vocals…so obviously she had to sing
    high…there are some singers who cant keep up that high for long…and
    thats all your favorites topping the charts today…her range not showcased
    much in this song…but in others. ?

  14. Neeraja Nagarajan

    The drummer’s (Chip Thomas) obvious admiration for Haley is so cute. He
    just can’t seem to stop smiling in this video (especially when she whistles
    at 2:45).?

  15. mehr schwein

    why do so many people change in postmodern jukebox all the time? don’t get
    me wrong, i like her. but it seems like there are every week new people in
    the band because they can’t hold the old ones. i think from this video only
    adam and scott are still there, everyone else changed.?

  16. Brian Vo

    I actually like the original song, but this rendition by +Postmodern Jukebox
    is really something incredible.

    The haunting not quite dissonance between the “cheerfulesque”
    instrumentation and playfully melancholic yet cheerful vocals and the dark
    original song lyrics is truly amazing to listen to.

    For my own part, I think it will bear repeated listening quite well.

    Great job +Scott Bradlee and Haley Reinhart! I hope we see more of this


  17. leilocked

    Haleyyyy mah baabyyy. I literally squealed in the first two seconds when
    she started singing. lol. I’ve had this on repeat all day yesterday and
    today. One of the mysteries of the universe that may never be solved: How
    the hell an average female country singer and a one trick pony country
    singer ever beat a phenomenal Jazz, Rock, AND Blues singer. She can
    probably even do country better than those two twats. Jokes aside, I love
    this so much. :3?


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