Guitar Solo Artist Frank Gambale Live in Tokyo – Little Charmer ( “Passages” album )

Click Here for TAB Frank Gambale – Guitar Joel Taylor – Drums Stu Hamm – Bass

24 thoughts on “Guitar Solo Artist Frank Gambale Live in Tokyo – Little Charmer ( “Passages” album )

  1. mr12note

    some carvin guitars – though made well? they sometimes have a HiFi wave sound that I call it
    sound good in the studio direct, but put in live rig sometimes sterile. Frank is the beast and the innovator – pay close attention he is teaching all the time

  2. meatpole55

    LOL dont call me your family names ..look at you talking all BAD like? the real sissy you R..!!!..hehe

  3. meatpole55

    no kidding you mean there are more than one video of frank? G..lmao..ive listen to gambale a long time ok..i just dont care for this one ok..if you DONT LIKE WHAT I DONT LIKE,,then please GOD GIVE ME CANCER SO I CAN DIE AND MAKE THIS PRICK HAPPY..

  4. sunnyjim98

    damn i was looking down the comments thinking “damn why has this got so many likes to dislikes when the obvious concencus is that it isnt worth? paying for?”

    then i realised YOU just keep coming back and putting forward your same opinion over and over again.

    theres more than one video on youtube you know?

  5. meatpole55

    now everyone dont get mad at me ok
    …he left more of his talent behind than her remembered in this concert…this is not the frank i? knew and learned from

  6. ericksont

    IMO this is some great guitar playing; love Frank G – but what would make this even better is a truly great tone. I don’t know if it is the guitar, his amp, or maybe just the? recording (doubt it), but his guitar just sounds sterile…

  7. yksiolac

    not to disrespect, just my opinion, i think the drummer was doin too much at most parts.. i wanna hear FG’s lines.. too much drum fills and drum kicks.. if you listen to the original record, drummer was just playin pocket and it fits well to this song.. his groove unnecessarily keeps on changing too. no wonder, Stu might had intended “not to be heard in the mix” cuz the drummer wasn’t tight with his basslines either. nonetheless, FG rawk m/?

  8. TheDanceofjoy

    OMG i so much wanted to see him play this song live. never found any good video of him except for the one where he played? it in his instructional video. True living legend.

  9. theghost2100

    great ,to bad an harmonic? support isn’t there during the solo,even do Stu doing a great job ,just love those guy’s……

  10. jamesedwardtheobald

    haha, laurie did you have a? keyboard malfunction, i know you’re not a spambot!
    F.G. – nice tone! so very tasteful these days!


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