Goldfish – Get Busy Living (OFFICIAL)

BUY HERE: or or http Featuring Emily Bruce on vocals. Animated by Mike Scott From Goldfish’s long-awaited third studio album comes the first single with the same title; ‘Get Busy Living’. Ever wondered what really happens to your bag once its been checked in at the airport? So did we. The answer is clear its getting busy living, having affairs with other similarly-cute bags and globe-hopping. Your bag doesn’t go missing – its just been partying with other bags on foreign soil. Blissful uplifting pianos, an absolutely huge chorus, all tied up with a slamming beat. Featuring the honeyed vocals of super-talent Emily Bruce, “This track took us completely by surprise. It morphed from a jam we had during a gig and just opened up into a full song…All the best ideas seem to happen to us when we aren’t trying to make something. As soon as you try… you’re screwed!” muses Dom. Animated with 100% legal software: Photoshop CS4, Anime Studio Pro 7, Final Cut Express 4 HD, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Wacom Intuos 3, Wacom Intuos 12 WX “I don’t want to live like I’ve already lived, but I do want to get busy living!”

25 thoughts on “Goldfish – Get Busy Living (OFFICIAL)

  1. hiir007

    Which reminds me of something.
    It ends as in shut down when you dont repeat it? before the end, and if you put it to repeat it fits perfectly.

  2. TheSquizzlet

    @iloveshetlandponies An old game me and friends played. Use your pointer finger and thumb to make a circle and hold? it under your waist. If they look, punch. If they put their finger into the hole, you get punched.

  3. jappieskater

    @Andychillz11117 It kind of a game they play, you can also see it in? the music video of Fort Knox (at 2 min). You make a little round with your thumb and index finger, and if the other person looks in it they lose the game. Some people (as seen here) also include a punch to the other persons shoulder if you lose.
    Have fun 😀


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