Giant Steps Revealed introduces a Language System that facilitates the playing of Giant Steps or almost any other jazz tune. This unique Language System organizes, presents and develops the Pentatonic Scales in such a way as to reveal the essence of the Jazz Language. Pentatonic Pairs found in the Pentatonic Scales form melody chains that jazz masters used to create the Jazz Vocabulary still used today. Join Willie Thomas at http for more great lessons.

25 thoughts on “Giant Steps Revealed

  1. gtrdaveg

    Nice. I remember years ago I had a guitar lesson from a guy who gave me the chords for Giant Steps and basically told me to go away and see what I could do with it. At the time? I didn’t listen to any jazz, and I’d never played any, so the answer was nothing much, at least not in terms of improvisation. It would have been nice to have it explained to me this well back then…

  2. raulg1garcia

    I knew? did couldn’t be that hard to solo through Giant Steps……..Thanks for the incite into this very challenging tune.

  3. JazzEveryone

    Hey, thanks man … Just stay at it, keep your teeth and your sanity and? it will all happen. Good luck.

  4. RedPortiaOne

    Hey Willie. I’m 39 years old, have been playing for 21 years. I began to play professionally in 2004 and love it when the 20 somethings come up to me and are blown away by my playing…just as I am blown away by your playing. When I get older I hope my playing sweetens to your awesome level. Jazz is the ongoing experience, and you are truly a master :-)?

  5. RedPortiaOne

    Beautiful tone, intonation, breath control, style and phrasing. Ive? been playing for 21 years and hope to sound as good as you one day :-)


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