25 thoughts on “George Benson sings with Earth, Wind and Fire!

  1. mdub2000

    wow george benson and greg moore…wish sheldon reynolds was there too..i always loved his george benson imitation and his hendrix stuff

  2. mdub2000

    dammit this is so freakin awesome george benson is one of my favorite guitarist and then you put hime with ewf my favorite band….oh hell…i think they should be performing together all the time….can we please do a tour together!!!!!!!

  3. pforpappu

    Sometime back. I had informed several people that George Benson had performed (broadcasters on radio) – my work colleagues)with Earth, Wind & Fire. Now I can prove it to them that I was correct and that they were wrong. This is the proof that I’ve been waiting for. Love the this number. Excellent pos. Thanks for this upload .

  4. RusapeDude

    @MRFMBRADLEY One of the greatest guitarest ever playing with one of the greatest bands ever. I wish I was ther watching them live.

  5. jzjoynt

    Never seen Benson play anything but a fatbox b4 this…. I guess they twisted his arm to get on stage, well, maybe not !!

  6. Windshepard

    George is much better than the record compny will let him be ……they just want records and aren’t concerned about skill, just can he play…that’s what he told me

  7. kristiandelcastillo

    woooow !!! benson y Earth Wind and Fire ! en vivo los palomazos del dia!!! jejejee la calidad del video es media malita pero que agasajo!!!!


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