5 thoughts on “Game 6 Utah Jazz Chicago Bulls 45 Points 14 06 1998 (BEST QUALITY)!!!!!

  1. bledredwine

    Lebron’s in his prime now (29?). Michael Jordan was putting up better
    performances and dominating the league at age 35. That’s insane. So when
    did Lebron score 45 in a finals game? And during MJ’s prime? 1991 he put up
    32 and 11 (!) against Magic, 1992 36 and 5 against Portland, and 1993 a
    finals record 41 PPG and 9 rebounds, all on blistering efficiency. Imagine
    if he didn’t retire during his prime what he could have done? Lebron’s
    finals PPG – 22.5. MJ’s single lowest scoring finals game of his career? 22
    points. Case closed.?

  2. bob

    The only reason this game went down to the wire like this because scottie
    back failed on him if his back was healthy I believe this series don’t even
    go back to Utah scottie back begun to failed him in game 5?

  3. Kenrick Sholto Jr.

    I like seeing the angle behind Stockton at the 1:53 mark where he realizes
    that his pass to Malone was in jeopardy and he hops up and down to warn his
    teammate of a lurking MJ after MJ doubles back to strip it for the steal.
    MJ with the clutch plays when his team needed it as usual.?


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