25 thoughts on “Gainsbourg – All the things you are

  1. SirJonathanDunning

    There is just something about this video. I can’t put my finger on it. Not the best technically. In fact, not even close.

    But the chemistry, the part where Serge looks at the guitarist and smiles. The Maltese falcon, the smoke, the bourbon.

    Ah, to LIVE!

  2. ElfPrincessHarley

    @JasonWB007 Db7 #9, C7 #9 (x2). Inversions: Db F Cb(B) Fb(E), then C E Bb Eb on the DGB and E strings, respectively. Second time through same voicings, down an octave, A through B strings.

  3. JmillMoreno

    I played this song for fun in one of my classes (high school). And I did not get a good response from some folks. But I still love this song with passion

  4. JasonWB007

    Would someone please tell me what those first four chords are… and perhaps which inversion/fingering?

  5. 100melissadr

    the movie is
    Gainsbourg, vie héroïque
    a movie by Sfar
    The song is “laetitia”
    or “Elaeudanla Teïtéïa”

  6. TheSogot

    @iritru its named ” Gainsbourg: une vie héroïque” (an heroic life).
    I’ve watched it recently, very good movie, the main actor seems to be Serge himself. I strongly recommend it.

  7. iritru

    I’m looking for the name of movie ‘Gainsbourg” where he and his alter ego imaginary friend are jamming together on the piano a jazz piece
    does anybody know the name of it?
    thank you..

  8. dormouse72

    Pas vraiment non. Mais il y a des centaines de song composed by Jerome Kern, with lyrics written by Oscar Hammerstein et toute la grande époque du Jazz..

  9. PetiteFleurYue

    Vas y Sergio, chauffe le piano, chauffe !
    Je donnerais cher pour pouvoir me téléporter à côté d’eux prendre un verre et fumer un clope.

  10. ForRoy

    ALL musicians ! Look at this, please . Love. Simplicity . No need of “circus” or “show” . And what is most beautiful = readability. You can still sing or whistle the song when you hear them !

  11. suzettegm

    @Superhaze haha, great comment. And you’re not even one of YT’s elderlies. I don’t know F about Lady Gaga or Bieder but I feel I can happily live without either 😀

  12. Superhaze

    This video has more cool than all of the 70’s 80’s 90’s and 00’s combined. Lady gaga? WTF?! Bieber? Come on?!


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