25 thoughts on “Frank Zappa – Eat That Question

  1. garygomesg

    I loved Aynsley, but I would count Art Tripp as a great drummer.? Billy Mundi and Jimmy Carl Black weren’t chopped liver either!

  2. dantean

    Bring in? Aynsley Dunbar and I’ll go see ’em! I’ll even follow them on tour like some kind of f-ing Grateful Deadhead!

  3. tyleryesta1

    Rhodes and Wurly Mix in the? beginning. Perfectly overdubbed by George Duke.. almost sounds improvised.

  4. ThorHammerdahl

    ABSOLUTELY! Support Dweezil and that young band of Zappa experts he performs with. I’ve seen FZ with a few different line ups in the 70’s and 80’s. They were all great. Dweezil’s band is an OUTSTANDING extension to that rich history. WE LOVE YOU? DWEEZIL!

  5. CreativedotMedia

    I feel? the same… as a musician…if i could do 1/10 of the music zappa did i would fly….literally

  6. CBurton

    1. Get an old plastic turntable.
    2. Put “We’re? only in it for the money” playing.
    3. Sacrifice some pop-group near it.
    4. Enjoy the arise of the 6 arts in human form
    Ps: May also appear in awesome mustache form only.

  7. CBurton

    Thank AND curse him, for raising the bar of music so damn high. Used to think that I could write somewhat complex and quirky compositions, until this man came to my ears (ha!).?

  8. jax1moi8

    Hey, Zappa fans, have you see the “a token of his extreme” concert series here? Awesome performances with Napoleon Murphy Brock, George Duke, Ruth Underwood, etc. Was surprised at how little attention it’s? been getting.

  9. montrealcanadiensuck

    willie the pimp – sweet solo
    peaches- zappa? classic
    little umbrellas-sweet melody
    it must be a camel- sick

    That album is just as sick as this one.

  10. Janitor989

    anyone that misses Frank as much as me should make? a solid effort to go see Zappa plays Zappa… Dweezil is doing an ACE job… I’ve seen them twice now and it’s simply amazing.

  11. octafish535

    Frank, come? back to us and set about this utterly gormless planet with some of your wisdom. The lie is getting so big


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