24 thoughts on “Frank Sinatra – New York New York (Concert)

  1. aguilanthony

    Some time around 1995 to celebrate his 80th birthday, he died three years later.? This was his final performance.

  2. Scotsmanful

    I remember 9/11.I was on Sea.And i had i was on Webcam with Caroline and Danny.And then Caroline is Screaming:”A Plane Hits the World? Trade Center!!”I was shocked.And from one Moment to an other was the Monitor Blank!I thought my Family was Dead!My Son like Model Kits from the US Navy in WW2 and they was Shopping a hour before!It was a Horror for me and all that People on the Carrier.We cant believe what happend there.But there shows one more Time that everybody helping where they can in NY.

  3. Scotsmanful

    This was our Song on Wedding!Is there a better Song?I live in New York.But i cant be so often there because i am US Navy Fighter Pilot.But my Heart is by my? Wife Caroline my Son Danny and New York of Course

  4. larry69champ

    thanks for putting this up. What concert is? this and does any one have a link to “my way” from this concert? I watched the whole show on tv once, amazing!!


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