25 thoughts on “Frank Gambale – Yang

  1. stevecraignet

    @mrfuckshit69 You need to go back to school and finish your education. Unless, of course, you really are 7 years old…
    And your vocabulary is very impressive, as well. Is that what you learn from your favorite performers (or whatever they’re called) these days?

  2. skatethemushrooms

    @mrfuckshit69 yo bro i totally agree with you lady gaga is the shit, ass much as i love this shit it just doesn’t comare. she truely has changed the face of modern music. like i usually listen to lil wayne the man, i have almost all of his albums, this gambale shit and other jazzy stuff i listen to cause my dad likes it. shit like buddy guy to and otis reding and old bluesy jazzy stuff anyhow, you dont gotta be so nasty, you fuckin piece off shit.

  3. samsurfer117

    @mrfuckshit69 poor little billy goat drawn to the flame of candles lit by charades of merchandising which overshadow todays musical scene, drawing the very fabric of creation as we know it into abysses of capitalist orgasm where the mtv collection of prostitutes peddle their fruity loop generated inexcusable filth.

  4. mrfuckshit69

    you know what iasonas go fuck yourself I’m going to listen to my new favourite lady gaga song because she is a wayy better musician than this “frank” character. Like what is this, my rectum screams more soul after a mcdonalds breakfast than this…

  5. lonestarJD

    Frank shreds so hard on the guitar, a whole new category of shred had to be invented to accurately describe his mind-blowing funk.

  6. iasonasdemetriou

    @apollodesign The funniest part of all of this is you assume i am a jazz musician LMFAO, (rather accomplished by the sound of it,) I wish. I play within the genres containing the narrow mindedness, I have every right to defend what I love. And I do it with great sympathy and humility despite what you may assume based on a short spurt of outrage. I love all music and I love you to, I hope you succeed in the war against superiority complex within the jazz scene, all the best brother.

  7. iasonasdemetriou

    @apollodesign Come on man I have already stated that i directed that comment ungenerally, judging by your intense defense and haughtiness I’d say if I insulted a musician you admired you would defend him or her with equal intensity to my offence, if not greater. I do not take pride in the opening statement and its praise by whomever. And I am very serious about loving all the music u love and hate, I guarantee you will never meet a more open minded listener!

  8. iasonasdemetriou

    @apollodesign wow, i was not expecting such hostility, lol you actually mentioned ego! Gee wizz with all your grand experience that you so longingly felt the need to express to the world i must say, i am quite inferior to such an experienced musician such as yourself!! And I guess if I am not you’re equal you genuinely think that you are superior (yet lol, you accuse me of this), if it is of any consolation to you, you to me will remain my equal, as will the globe.

  9. apollodesign

    @iasonasdemetriou So please, up until this point I was fine with being your equal, but your ego makes you unbearable – as it is with most jazz musicians. Get over yourself and realize you’re not the only one who appreciates a music and has something to offer to music, because the type of ego that comes with this musical elitism is only capable of detriment to music. I’m 21, if you’re 11, congratulations you’re on the internet. You’ll get further with open mindedness in the arts then not. Change.


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