25 thoughts on “est – Elevation of Love (Live / 2004)

  1. ErikKiliam

    Personally, i can’t really tell if its their faces or their hands that are making the sounds. They all seem? to be holding or weirdly resting on something. I am missing a pattern here.

  2. ensoph89

    please, does anyone know what? kind of cymbal is the drummer playing in the verse???? please help, i need to know!

  3. cutawhitekidsomslack

    i’m at probably the lowest point i’ve ever been in my life, looking at prison time for something stupid i didn’t not commit, as you would guess i’m completely devistated.i take 2 strong anxiety meds, which have been no help. but this song calms me in such a way i cant explain it. like there’s maybe more to this world than? we know and that some how things may just turn out for the better someday.as a pro musician,you know when people are just play chords or patterns.these men are speaking.

  4. AliothSenator

    If you look closely,he stands up to mute a section of the piano.Thats why it sounds muted,kind of ” guitar stacatto ” thing.Sounds? very good in my opinion.

  5. tHen135

    I feel useless with my limited knowledge of music, knowing that these awesome musicians create? masterpieces such as this song.

    Timeless classic.

  6. twixcookie

    I agree that the live version is best. It is definitely more passionate and just has more to it. I looked for the live version awhile back, it was very pricey on? Amazon!

  7. danieljanderson

    I’ve got the studio version on album Seven Days of Falling. It is good, but this live? version beats it by a long way. You may want to get the Live in Hamburg album. Absolutely beautiful.

  8. twixcookie

    I had been? looking and could not find this, just the original recording of the song. It sounds a lot different than this.

  9. paisteguy799

    this im an alien from jupiter…r u fucking retarted, this is the essence of jazz, just because its not swing? or bop…


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