DWTS Season 19 Week 3 Movie Night : Bethany Mota & Derek – Jazz – Dancing With The Stars 2014

DWTS Season 19 Week 3 Dancing With The Stars 2014 Season 19 Movie Night (9-29-14) FULL DWTS Season 19 WEEK 3 Movie Night FULL : HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8CAf7pffRQ&list=PLpY3K9qAYxLl…

23 thoughts on “DWTS Season 19 Week 3 Movie Night : Bethany Mota & Derek – Jazz – Dancing With The Stars 2014

  1. icesk8ergal1123

    Definitely did not deserve 10s. More inflating for Derek. It happens every
    season and I’m sick of it!?

  2. Nancy Colo

    why wasn’t Val allowed to use choreography from West Side Story but Derek
    was allowed to use Gene Kelly’s choreography?the blatant favoritism is
    nauseating and its season after season. oh yeah, lets not forget his sister
    is a judge!! ?

  3. ChocoCiinderella

    Who of them is the star? I only know Beth from her youtube chanel; she’s
    nice and everyting, but not really a star. And I’ve never ever seen this

  4. catherine valentine

    I am glad Derek got to do his homage to his idol. Thought Bethany was a
    little heavy on her feet for how light-hearted this music is. I know she is
    injured but it is her choice to continue on the show so I can’t give pity
    votes. Solid 9 performance with the props and creative rain, but not a 10.?

  5. Lilian Salvador

    Sometimes is better you dance perfectly than have a difficult choreography
    and not dance very well. That’s why i love Derek because he knows the
    negative and positive points the every partner. For me was perfect and they
    deserve the 10 because every single step was executed with precision in the
    time of the song and this is so hard to do principally when the song have
    the own beats just like the broadway songs. Was PERFECT in my eyes.
    p.s. The level of this season is so high, everybody is so good. Definitely
    Bethany (obviously, my prefer), Alfonso, Janel, Sadie, Jonathan and Lea got
    so much to show for us.?

  6. jeramance84

    10s were a bit generous, maybe 8s & 9s. I think Kevin just went along with
    what the other judges scored.?

  7. CeciCouture

    my fav are beth and derek and janel and val, hope they make it to the
    finals! I love that beth and janel both clap and smile for everyone after
    their dances, shows a true team player.?

  8. Savannah Storm

    I think Janel, Bethany, Alfonso, and Saddie will be the ones to watch this
    season. All of their dances this week were incredible!?

  9. 44travelbug

    I think they will get on the top list or win the whole show. They keep
    getting good scores and I saw better performances. NOT saying they did
    horrible! they DID do great! im just saying that Bethany has a lot of votes
    from the younger crowd & team internet, while everyone looks up to Derek as
    a great dancer & to top it off his sister is a judge! I do think some of
    the scoring isn’t fair but what can we do hah. ?

  10. Dancing With The Stars

    DWTS Season 19 WEEK 3 Movie Night FULL : HERE!
    DWTS Season 19 Week 3 : Bethany Mota & Derek – Jazz – Dancing With The
    Stars 2014 (9-29-14) FULL?

  11. Angelica Violette

    I loved Beth’s reaction to it, she was so happy, and I was going to cry bc
    she was smiling so big and Iusksjzjajaqizhdb AH ?


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