DW Showroom (Candyland III) – August 2011

Kirkee B (aka Curt Bisquera) and Thomas Lang (aka The Druminator) bring you “Candyland III”. Join them as they tour our jam-packed showroom here at the Workshop in sunny Oxnard, CA. Thomas let’s loose his virtuoso style with 10 fresh kits, many of which are new offerings (such as Collector’s Series Maple/Mahogany, Performance FinishPly, and PDP American Vintage), and few prototypes we can’t talk much about. It’s just over a Half-Hour of DW Bliss, so get comfy, hook up to some good speakers, or plug in your best headphones/earbuds, and enjoy! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch this in as high a quality as you can stream or stand to buffer (both for sound and video optimization). Kit Chapters: 1:09 – Collector’s Series Maple/Mahogany, Chevy Powder Blue with White Marine Inlay Hoops, and Maple/Mahogany Edge Snare 4:09 – Collector’s Series SSC Maple w/ Haitian Flag Graphics 7:44 – Performance Series w/ prototype FinishPly and Protype Snare 11:17 – Homage to Mitch 11:47 – Collector’s Series Exotic Twisted Olive w/ SSC Maple Shells and Edge Snare 13:53 – Collector’s Series Maple/Mahogany, Chrome Lacquer with 24k Gold Hardware 16:56 – PDP American Vintage Poplar/Mahogany Shells, Black Oyster Shells, Platinum-Style Lugs, with Ace Snare 18:36 – Collector’s Series Maple/Mahogany, Natural Lacquer 20:14 – John Good cameo w/ Smoked Peppered Beech 22:04 – Jazz Series Maple/Gum Shells w/ Champagne Sparkle FinishPly 25:50 – Collector’s Series Emerald Fade over Olive Ash Burl Exotic with SSC

23 thoughts on “DW Showroom (Candyland III) – August 2011

  1. DrumWorkshopInc

    We are here for you? when you are ready. Have your looked into our Performance Series yet? More affordable than the Collector’s Series with Collector’s Series quality. Made right here in CA!


  2. DrumWorkshopInc

    We recorded the dialog with the camera mic. The? drums were recorded with a Zoom mic in the H4N model. We find it is the rawest way to capture the drums in a room setting. Making the listener have the truest experience of actually listening in the room.

  3. DrumWorkshopInc

    We love your attitude and appreciation so much! Thanks! We are? here when you are ready for a DW kit. :) All the best to you also.!

  4. DrumWorkshopInc

    You can play the kits in the showroom. It is a little bit of a free for all but at? least you get to sit down and play. :)

  5. CheapsuitX

    DW drums rule the world! And Curt and Thomas know what they are talking about! Sure, they´re having some fun in this clip and there should be room for that, once you get a DW kit, that when the fun begin for YOU!
    I? will definitely buy a DW drumkit next around! 8)
    All the best to drummers out there, Cheers!

  6. iDrumFourChrist

    If my friends and I went on the tour, would we be able to visit the Showroom AND? play on some of the kits.. Or would we have to content ourselves with looking and admiring the beauty of these drum sets???

  7. Minister39

    these drums sets are beatutiful and i love the finish. i’m a drum myself and i? just about lost my mind.

  8. IronFabianSteel

    you know dw cares for the customer, after months i? return to this video and they still be replying to potential buyers’ questions, heck even just the curious. Hats off to Dee doubleya

  9. DrumWorkshopInc

    Nice! We are happy to hear you are liking the sound of the Maple/Mahogany. The lead time for kits depends on the finish type. Orders are taking about 3-4 months to completer generally? right now.

  10. DrumWorkshopInc

    Of Thomas’? He has a few different sizes but? he actually uses 2 18×22’s with the VLX grain pattern.


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