25 thoughts on “Doc Severinsen

  1. KGLOVER712

    I will say that Doc? was someone That inspired me originally, but i thought Maynard’s high note abilities were everything. However, This video demonstrates that Doc has the “total” package!

  2. br3nn3nrul3z

    Along with Maynard and Doc, Arturo Sandoval … Al Hirt … Rafael Mendez …. Dizzy Gillespie..Luis Armstrong… Tine Thing Helseth.. Wynton Marsalis … Trombone Shorty…? Chuck and Bob Findley … Canadian Brass … Mnozil Brass … Wayne Bergeron… Eric Myashiro … Dave Monette (Creator of Monette Trumpets) … Phil Driscoll … Those are the ones that popped in my head right away.. goodness knows if i’m missing more :O

  3. ZangetsuVsPantera586

    Never heard Doc before, my band teacher suggested I look him up… LOVE IT!!!!! My favorite part was at 5:27 when I said “OH MY GOD HE SINGS TOO!” I? have another trumpet player to look up to!

  4. mrf111stick

    no argument at all …. my personal opinion ? from observation, training and knowledge, but your point is well taken- splitting fine hairs…

  5. CHCMB

    At 1:04, look at? the lower left side of the screen, Maynard Ferguson is waiting backstage and pops out for a moment….

  6. Sports570

    Two different styles of music. When you get as good of elites like Severenson, Hirt, Condoli, etc., it’s pointless to argue who is best or even better. Just? freakin’ ENJOY!!!

  7. mrhandy100

    i just preferred his style, less notes, more clean TO ME. i don’t care about your personal opinion, it’s mine and i’ll stick with it.? and insulting someone is the worst way IN MY OPINION to get them to rethink or change their mind.

  8. trumpetskills97

    I would say your stupid.
    However Bergeron is a good trumpet player, but Doc is better. Bergeron is far less renown and has? major technical issues just like Maynard did. Who gives two shits about screaming if you can’t play the damn horn.

  9. 1900maniac

    I just posted a vid on my channel of doc, vizzuti, al hood,? and dimartino playing together. It was filmed and uploaded today!

  10. mrf111stick

    DOC IS VERY VERY GOOD AND IMPRESSIVE TECHNICALLY…I dont know who did his charts but I will tell you as much as I love the DOC …. ? he cannot begin to match Al Hirt in creativity, and range changes( slurs) , tongueing and style..Doc impresses the hades outta me but AL just blows me away.

  11. br3nn3nrul3z

    When he has? long whole notes, and shakes his horn, my friend and I when we have whole notes in concert band/jazz band … (trumpet players) we shake the living fuck out of our horns…. Ruins the whole song. Torlorlor =D=D=D=D


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