25 thoughts on “Dennis Chambers – Blue Matter

  1. Polarized33

    Daverow49, just respect that others choose to play the same thing a different way instead of flaming. Why discourage people from playing something that sounds awesome just because they cant use a single pedal? Oh no, thats right I have some Axis A Longboards therefore i cant play Jazz or funk… I have to play MeTuLz. As soon as you can play something like Future Breed Machine tight and respect peoples ability in music, then open your mouth.
    Up for Metal. Up? for Jazz. Down for flamers

  2. cavoglavi

    i’m not a double pedal user and hats off to chambers’ drumming but your comment? is ridiculous

  3. ArturoGVejar

    The little hand looking? downwards is not for downloading the video people… Or did you really think is a horrible video?

  4. ArturoGVejar

    Minuto 1:22, bajo y tarola en tiempo 2, segundo dieciseisavo. Llegando de un compás completo de tresillos. Ah y por si fuera poco… con shuffle y a tempo lento. ¿Así? o más musical?

  5. dmd54

    wondering how it’s possible that there are 5 dislikes let alone any?! anyone that understands musical talent, even if this isn’t their style of? music to listen to would have to respect the musicianship represented by this group.

  6. jeremyhonholdguitar

    This one of the cooled videos? i have seen. Dennis Chambers fits behind Sco’s lines perfectly. Also the bass player is really holding down a good groove working with the whole group instead of just slapping away. Awesome tune and awesome video.

  7. jptitterton

    most good jazz musicians can play other styles of music usually better than those doing such styles as blues,metal,rock,pop,clasical music,latin etc so if your gonna play or learn music better get it in your soul(jazz? that is)

  8. 4416DOC

    And quiet as its kept its really not all that difficult. I do it alot of? times without meaning to or when Im just feeling it. And by the way Im a left handed drummer so its quite easy for me. Chambers is a beast and has been for a long time. Virgil Donati will prove that this is a very simple thing to do as he demonstrates doing it separately with both feet and then both together.

  9. winner0loser

    the use of two pedals was pioneered in the 30’s by a jazz legend. So what if you want to play more notes with 2 feet? It was invented because it’s cool; so cool even Dennis uses one. Don’t judge it’s use on metal drummers who don’t practice enough, it’s totally possible. At least the top metal drummers (ex. Derek Roddy) perfect their left foot far beyond your? conventional drummer.


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