Dave Brubeck with young Russian violinist

During a visit to Moscow in the 80’s, Dave Brubeck met the faculty and students in Moscow Conservatory. While he was improvising on a “Ei, uhnem”, a Russian folk song, a young man downstage stood up to play Stéphane Grappelli-style violin jazz with him. .

25 thoughts on “Dave Brubeck with young Russian violinist

  1. iscrpy

    As impressive as the awesome violinist is everyone fails to notice that Brubeck? pulled the improvisation of Moscow nights out of thin air, that is skill.

  2. santosdummont

    I know that young man, Im froom chile, he live here 10 years now, he its my friend, niceee, he is conductor….sorry my eanglish is shit? :)))

  3. idbettergetwraithi

    How happy Brubeck was when the violinist started to play… Wonderful video! It seemed like they both tried to have the last note at the? end.

  4. mistel52

    @nohanz @nohanz youtube.com/watch?v=_z6QhsMHfYQ
    And “Let my people go” you can find yourself :)?

  5. gottmospahedengubbar

    2:08 Is amazing! You really see? how happy Brubeck gets from hearing the Violin player! Amazing clip!

  6. nohanz

    Where? can i listen to the original version of the songs. Just to make a comparison on what he’d improved on it.

  7. spiralpathwalkter

    Fantastic. Kudos to the violinist for the chutzpah to take a chance and stand up… and amazement at how smoothly Dave responded, and how graciously he “conducted” the closing? of the solo. Masterful!

  8. benettaland

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