9 thoughts on “Dave Brubeck In His Own Sweet Way (Jazz Documentary)

  1. Arne Thorbjoernsen

    DAVE BRUBECK: “In His Own Sweet Way”
    A documentary made by Clint Eastwood

    – A chronological look at the life and career of jazz musician, composer,
    and performer Dave Brubeck (1920- ), presented through contemporary
    interviews, archival footage of interviews and performances, and commentary
    by family, fellow musicians, and aficionados. Emphases include his mother’s
    influence, his wife’s invention of college tours, his skill as an
    accompanist, the great quartet (with Desmond, Morello, and Wright), his
    ability to find musical ideas everywhere, his orchestral compositions, his
    religious conversion, and his unflagging sweet nature –

    Its a looong documentary,- but it has …. everything (my comment).?

  2. David PapJr

    WELL DONE! I missed this when it first came out and can’t say THANK YOU
    enough for putting it on youtube! I was fortunate enough to see Dave
    Brubeck play live in 2007 at the Hollywood Bowl, and even though he was
    86-87 years old at the time he was amazing. He closed the show with “Take

  3. Lamar Savage

    My year is now officially made!!! I am still missing the man and his
    playing to an extent I cannot describe! Thank you for posting this gem!?


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