Danny Barnes’ How to Play the Banjo, Part I

www.dannybarnes.com this video produced by Wiant Productions http The banjo stirs a feeling of timelessness with its old time/bluegrass/folk associations. Danny Barnes builds with these base molecules of the instrument’s heritage, sculpting a sound with one foot in contemporary technological landscapes, another in deep running traditions, and arms waving free in outer space. Found audio samples merge and crash as the instrument’s high picking peaks and valleys of bassy depths loop in a journey through the American heart of darkness and back towards the light. Add the free form jazz of Ornette Coleman to the legacy of Dock Boggs, remix it with DJ Shadow, and view it through a DIY punk aesthetic and you have some idea of Folktronics. Live, on studio or homemade records, and through the countless concert recordings that circulate in the taper scene as word-of-mouth gems, Barnes is a sonic pioneer, hacking through the underbrush with his musical weapons of choice, banjo as compass. – Sarah Hagerman, jambase.com – – – – – “Music needs to change…grow and evolve…be constantly inspired through the work of the people that create it. Thank God we have a man like Danny Barnes leading the way…a true hero and resounding voice to those who are smart enough to listen.” – Jeff Austin, Yonder Mountain String Band – – – – – Danny Barnes has recorded with and/or played onstage with: tim o’brien (hot rize) bill frisell chuck leavell (rolling stones, allman brothers) dave matthews band

25 thoughts on “Danny Barnes’ How to Play the Banjo, Part I

  1. eflounder

    How important is it to use finger picks? I am ok at forward rolls then I try it with picks on it’s like I’m starting all over again

  2. jarrodthebassplayer

    @bloodlesXxXvampire sorry but playing banjo won’t help you play bass at all. I play bass and banjo, they’re totally different, different tunings, different size/amount of strings, different ways of playing it

  3. DraytonAJohn

    so wait… let me get this straight. the first string is closet to the floor and the 5th is the short string? MIND BLOWN -__-

  4. ToaRanen7

    Man, I used to think banjos were for turbo nerds and hillbillys, and felt bad for people that played the banjo. Now I think their cool, I’m not going to buy one because it currently isn’t neccessary.

  5. bloodlesXxXvampire

    i got an old banjo never used, and i wanna play bass, so i play banjo to get use to bass before buying a bass

  6. DeathEndingTruth

    I play guitar but I’ve always been interested in picking up another instrument.. and I am so gonna buy a banjo! lol


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