Come And Get It – Vintage 1940s Jazz Selena Gomez Cover

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 thoughts on “Come And Get It – Vintage 1940s Jazz Selena Gomez Cover

  1. KTBEverlasting

    I do prefer Selena Gomez’s version because of the Indian beat and music but
    I’d be a damned liar if I said this isn’t great. Well actually it isn’t.
    It’s AWESOME. These covers make me wish I had a cocktail.

    But it’s 9’o clock in the morning and I don’t drink?

  2. D Stud

    I think I’m glad that I don’t know what the original of this song sounds
    like, because I’m sure I like this version better anyways, and now I won’t
    accidentally get the shitty original version stuck in my head. Keep on
    swingin’, cool cats.?

  3. Cpt Mcnugget

    I would really like to see a movie set back in like the 1940s, and see them
    in the club, singing a cover of todays songs?

  4. Sophia Hoots

    Oh my GOSH! Just the way she uses her voice and the way they all present
    it, no matter what the lyrics are they can just make it sound so…. OLD!

  5. KaetheBrandt

    I really don’t mean to be rude but you need a different singer. She’s got
    a strong voice but that voice is not meant to be singing this stuff. The
    band is awesome. I just can’t get over how much better it’d be with someone
    singing who knows the era?


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