25 thoughts on “Chris Brown – Crawl

  1. jvanegas14

    1. This is not Twitter? 2. Chris brown is an arrogant misogynistic asshat who would not notice a chance to change his bad rap if it punched him in the face (pun intended).

  2. Kataugna Mandrell

    Hey, my name is Kataugna but, it’s pronounced like Katana lol.? I have this life long dream to be a singer some day and I need your help to get? people to see my video. My video is called “Kataugna sings Irreplaceable By: Beyonce” If you could take a few minutes out of your day to watch my video it would be a HUGE help! I? will be making another video soon but, I’m not quiet sure yet. Thank you for all the people who support me, as for my haterz F**K YOU!

  3. preludeofhope

    Hello? Chris Brown fans,? I’m here to offer you? a step-by-step? guide to get a free iTunes? Gift Card to support? Chris Brown! This isn’t fake, it’s a legitimate app that you can get on? an? iPod, iPhone, or Android.
    1) Go to the app store.
    2) Download the app “App Trailers”
    3) Put in the bonus code “1500bonus”
    4) Redeem? and Enjoy a free $10 iTunes Gift Card!

  4. 2powerful4you

    LOL you’re a dumbass. First of all, I never said Chris was my idol. He isn’t. Second of all, I never said I loved Chris. I only like his music. Third of all, I’m replying to you because I can do whatever the fuck I want. All I’m saying is, if you don’t like the guy, what’s the point of coming to his videos to talk trash about him? It’s people? like you that make youtube seem like shit.

  5. lewiskyle11

    Because I can voice my opinion? If everyone who? went to a video liked it, the comment section wouldn’t be necessary, now would it?

  6. lewiskyle11

    I see that no matter how much of an actually sound argument I? make you’re going to repeatedly give me more stupid answers. Like I said in the beginning, this proved my hypothesis, this was a waste of my time, I regret the entire process. Learn how to spell, and good day!

  7. lewiskyle11

    Dear random morons, I’m not here to argue with you. Youtube notifies me of a single comment reply to mine, and I’m trying to have? a discussion, I’m sorry you’re all too stupid to wrap your head around that concept, but believe it or not, there’s a reason you can reply to people’s comments! For discussions. But this just proves my point that Chris Brown fans are never smart.

  8. lewiskyle11

    Wow! What a well structured and logically sound argument. Maybe you should follow your idol and take a bottle to the face like a bitch. I’m not here to argue with random morons who can’t? handle the fact that the person you love so much is really a morally absent piece of trash. I’m not commenting towards you again, though someone I feel your butthurt will cause you to proceed that way regardless.


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