Chris Botti – Full Concert – 08/13/06 – Newport Jazz Festival (OFFICIAL)

Chris Botti – Full Concert Recorded Live: 8/13/2006 – Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, RI) More Chris Botti at Music Vault: Subscribe to Music Vault:…
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12 thoughts on “Chris Botti – Full Concert – 08/13/06 – Newport Jazz Festival (OFFICIAL)

  1. Mutato Nomine

    Is the drummer as insensitive as to think he should be the centre of
    attraction? Plus chewing gum and talking and gesticulating does not add to
    his allure, most distracting, particularly as Botti plays so beautifully.?


    You have to like critics, they are every where , if you look towards any
    little corner or under something what ever it may be. Critics are so much
    that they never made it, so what else is there for them to do. I along with
    those free souls, enjoyed it all specially since I was not looking for
    isane perfection.?

  3. truthquestor

    Chris Botti – trumpet
    Billy Childs – piano
    James Genus – bass
    Billy Kilson – drims
    Donald Harrison – sax?

  4. matt knowles

    Sometimes out door venues, don’t have very good acoustics also and the
    overall sound suffers. Sometimes a little reverb can give a nice nuance as
    opposed to sounding like your playing outside by a garage door.?

  5. Claire Carter

    Masterful control of the instrument which allows him to distinguish his
    style. Highly personal interpretation; I would know his playing anywhere
    and stop whatever I was doing to give it full attention. The band brought
    it on as well. ?


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