25 thoughts on “Chick Corea & Gary Burton – Crystal Silence

  1. talpilon1234

    this is absolutely, definitely one of the best tunes i’ve ever listened to. beautiful composition? and amazing performance. artists like these two are the ones who influence and shape our culture for the better. WOW is the right word

  2. ebogan100

    This song and album of the same name is what introduced me to ECM records. Still one of my fave tunes of all time. Recorded on my 12th birthday in Nov. 1972. Such a revelation to me at 13 yrs. old to hear this for the first? time, totally changed the way I saw jazz and improvisational music forever.

  3. yrrehscm

    This music is simply pristine. It’s beauty is only (if at all) compared to their live version of Senior Mouse–circa 1980.? And that was truly bitchin’.

  4. librarianscales

    I have 2 tickets I can no longer use to see Gary Burton and Chick Corea, in London on April 11th if anybody could spread the word to fans/message boards?? They are 2 front row centre tickets and I want them sold for face value to a fan : ) Thank you if anyone can help

  5. thedeeliciousplum

    This is such a beautiful piece of music. I am in awe of Chick Corea’s unbridled versatility and passions. Thanks for sharing? this.

  6. Marco33185

    dans un esprit cool correspondant bien? aux heures tardives voici deux lascars que j’ai vu en concert et qui ont longtemps bercé mes fins de journées avec leur univers vibratoire.

  7. joi124

    What is going on at 1:39ish it sounds like it? goes into this BEAUTIFUL Minor Major voicing IDK I’m just amazed!

  8. tuxguys

    Corea and Burton: Twin Brothers From Different Mothers. Gorgeous beyond the ability of mere words to express.
    Added treat: At around 9:00, Chick sticks his hand inside the piano and enters? Henry Cowell-territory.

  9. anmalotus

    Thank you, jazzradio, for this precious reminder. We like crystal silence so much more? than the golden one… 😉

  10. fiveinslide6

    When I listen to Chick and Gary, I’m so glad to be alive at the same time they’re alive. We’re so lucky! Honestly, although they’re both much older than me, I want them to outlive? me. I don’t want to live without them around. I’ll do it, but the world will be much colder…


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