Chet Baker, Stuttgart, 1988

Please check my jazzblog at When I was reading Jeroen de Valk’s beautiful book ‘Memories Of A Lyrical Trumpeter’ (available in English under the title ‘Chet Baker: His Life And Music’) there was a passage I was very intrigued by: “…On April 1st, there is this peculiar performance for the German television: Chet looks like a living corpse and wears a ghostly white suit. But his playing is breathtaking. There is an atmospehere of urgence, of ‘now or never’, as he pushes endless streams of melodies out of his trumpet…” When the guitarist’s amplifier produces feedback, he says in an irritated way: ‘Please don’t play with it while I’m singing this tune!’ (You can see that bit on 25:50) (From Jeroen de Valk’s book as mentioned above, page 199) I immediately want to find footage described like that. It is on a DVD called ‘Torino 1959/Stuttgart 1988′ from Impro-Jazz) which happened to be in my personal collection. It’s a saddening piece of film, and it breaks my heart to see my beloved Chet so tired and cranky on April Fools’ Day 1988. On the 13th of May he was gone. Theaterhaus Jazztage, Stuttgart Germany April 1st, 1988 Chet Baker – Trumpet Nicola Stilo – Guitar, Piano Walter Schmucker – Bass Vincent Seno – Drums

23 thoughts on “Chet Baker, Stuttgart, 1988

  1. Robert Milne

    Sound mix is a little off? but overall a pretty cool gig. I didn’t expect Chet to be thyat competant on the piano. Nice one Chet.

  2. fullflap2001


  3. ocnoreen

    Guitarist? is too loud! This is supposed to be soft accompaniament ala Laurindo Almeida. He is also arrogant about it. I would have told him “Lay Out” and done the tune without him.

  4. bowedmyhead

    I think the guitarplayer is playing in the wrong film, ? he sounds terrible and moreover he behaves nasty when Chet turns to him.

  5. komecin

    the last song was awfull doesn’t respect the professionality of Chet and Stilo , ? they completly lost the interplay but Chet didn’t give up .

  6. mareaumusic

    Chet? is the best prove, that it is not only tecnical brilliance, that makes a touching performance.

  7. caryamel

    Des frissons !!! Chet, sa sensibilité à fleur de peau sublimée, me transpercera toujours, et chaque fois que je crois que je sais …, eh bien non, je suis encore plus remuée dans mon âme en découvrant un nouveau morceau, une nouvelle interprétation …
    Et puis, Chet, ça se regarde aussi … même si ça fait presque? mal … Mes yeux ont aussi la chair de poule …
    Merciiiiiiiii ! C’est sublime !

  8. nicoejz

    I don’t like at all the way that the guitarist plays the guitar. He? seems not to know what does a nuance means. However I enjoyed listening to Chet playing the piano.

  9. Brewsk Litovsk

    Yep, it’s hard to find tasteful accompanists; the piano is also all over the place at spots. But we can? be happy that there is this footage at all. Chet’s trumpet sound is so beyond. Beautiful!

  10. felixnauta

    The guitar’s voulme is too loud, and I? dislike from the accompaniment.

    The last times of Chet? Baker a great trumpet player.


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