25 thoughts on “Canned Heat – Clarence Gatemouth Brown – Live at Montreux

  1. kassemir

    Yep,? you’re right about that, I don’t think I’ll ever stop discovering new blues players I hadn’t heard of :-)

  2. Landoncommando1

    no worries, even i still learn more about blues guys every day. i stumble on more and more that i never knew existed! and theres ALOT of? them!!! O_o

  3. kassemir

    Well, I was kinda new to him when I watched this. I basically knew him from Kenny Wayne? Shepherds film, where he plays guitar and violin, so I knew he was a multi instrumentalist.
    In short, I’m still in the learning face of some of the blues greats :-)

  4. Landoncommando1

    gatemouth? is considered one of the best blues harp players for the late 60s early 70s, im amazed you never knew!!

  5. kassemir

    I had never? seen Gatemouth play the harmonica, had only seen him play guitar and violin.
    Man, what a musician, a true multi-instrumentalist. I’m so impressed now!

  6. imuswj

    I had the honor to get to? know Gate from the mid 80′ till he passed. He always told me he thought music could heal and bring people together unlike anything else. He let me walk Him out on stage on his last New York gig at BB King’s place and told the crowd how much He appreciated me driving from North Carolina to be with Him. I have never been so honored. He will always be The Man!!

  7. lifeanewllc

    Altenhofen!!!!! This is for you brother!!!! We went to see Clarence at Taylor’s Tavern on more than a few occasions…..and do you remember forcing me down to? the WOW Hall for Canned Heat? Those beautiful years in Eugene Oregon…I had no idea what I was in the grips of!!!! I had always regretted to have missed the sixties…and then I moved to Eugene Oregon….My Word!

  8. john9594

    I love the tone/sound of his harmonica. I’m not exactly sure what it is? but i detect soemthing special about it.


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