23 thoughts on “Buena Vista Social Club – El Cuarto de Tula

  1. achesitho

    esta muy buena esta cancion vale ? me encanta estA MUSICA EL CUARTTo TULA QUECANDELA ESTO DORMIDa eeeeeeeeeee a pago la vella

  2. 3171995mo

    those two comments are in arabic .people knew this song from shammaha hamdan she a guitarest she sang that song in arab got talent?

  3. musicgirl1968

    i’m arabic and i’m going to explain what’s up in the first comments :: there is a girl in arabs got talent and she was singing this song and they? are talk about her :) =)

  4. WalaaAbuShadied

    he wrote that in Arabic
    he said this song became famous in the middle east after shmma hamdan sang it
    :) note : shmma hamdan sang it in Arab got talent?


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