25 thoughts on “Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

  1. TheNirvanamaniak

    everywhere i go and check the comments,dumb nationalistic kids-fighting. GROW UP! the Earthi? s one. tumbs up if you want global conscience rise.

  2. igeba

    @gusto1978 Esa es tu prersepción de la situación por lo restringido que pudieses estar en? Cuba, pero creeme que en muchos de los casos es necesario el tipo de gobierno de tu país, mira que ahora mismo es lo que necesita México, de que sirve la supuesta democracia existente si estamos peor que Cuba.

  3. Izzalohn4life

    i wish i could go back to cuba… ? the last time i where there was in 1998 or 1999… im not sure 😀

  4. roadi1983

    is this a special picture shown in the video? I? would really like to know if you can download it in a big format, its wonderful !

  5. jerrysteinberg


    This should be a cacophony, with so many players playing off the beat, with feel, but it isn’t somehow. Each player has the feel for the aesthetic of the music as a whole, it’s a little bit magic to me. You can’t just walk in and play like this you have to have exposure to it, i learned this when i tried to learn a Bossa nova tune (with my modern, western blues/classical derived ear), really hard to get the feel into it convincingly when you don’t? hear it enough. I love this tune!

  6. gusto1978

    @loschungo por que la Politica Cubana es una Mierda. por eso no vivo en cuba. y? gano mucho mejor donde vivo ahora… estas claro ahora?

  7. gusto1978

    @loschungo no vayas a Cuba que no te? voy a dar entrada pedazo de mierda y si soy de los rojos asi que escondete.


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