25 thoughts on “Buckethead- Earth Heals Herself

  1. gunrunerone

    @CarlosMacMartin it dont matter what type of guitar he is playing he could usr a harmony its getting? the notes under your fingers

  2. lafawafa

    If only that were true. As the replier before me said,? he doesn’t play guitar and I don’t see how you can be his father if your grammar is equal to that of a five-year old (no offense or anything).

  3. 4lrey

    Well if you don’t accept the fact that Earth heals herself AND people can heal the planet, surely you won’t do anything to heal the Earth.. Right ?
    Start by doing sthg if you think sthg? is wrong, but don’t think humans will willingly vanish, because no one, starting by you, wants to die so easily.

  4. wooki33man

    Humankind may come, and go, but the Earth abides. Its not even the Earth itself that’s at risk, just our own ecosystem–you known the thing that keeps? all +7Billion of us alive. Hell, we can rain nuclear fire until all that’s left alive are a few microbes, and life will STILL continue on from those remaining few. So it isn’t so much “We’re killing the Earth” but rather, “We’re killing ourselves”; And to be honest that’s the one thing we do best.

  5. MrZapparin

    There´s nothing wrong with Earth,she´ll be fine,it´s all just blown out? of proportion so that environmentalists have a xcuse not to work

  6. 138ted

    if I ever reenact that scene in the? crow when he’s on the roof playing his guitar, I’m going to play that fucking song

  7. Wraithiss

    This album may be the? most incredible, beautiful peace of art ever created, and we are all better for having heard it.

  8. Naruto811911

    I’d say hurry up and let humans vanish so? earth can heal herself like i to know she will, but that would mean all that is left of music like this would be vibrations distorting through space from us all playing it. Thats what makes me want some humanity to survive evolution, this aspect of humanity…fuck all the rest of our nonsense


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