Blueprint | JAZZ | A CoD4 Montage

Gameplay: JAZZ: Editor: JPB: Music: Livewire & Ravager – Longest Journey The Qemists – On The Run Stan SB – Cloud head Please like, favourite and comment on this as this is literally some of the sickest gameplay I have ever seen. This really goes up there as on the greatest montages of all time for CoD4. Creative editing also! Great job guys! fragtastics For more videos subscribe here Become a fan our facebook page. -Tom

25 thoughts on “Blueprint | JAZZ | A CoD4 Montage

  1. MrCrippledFish

    zzirgrizz ???? dnb oos
    zzirgrizz ???? optic hecz
    zzirgrizz? ???? IReapzz
    zzirgrizz ???? krump

    JAZZ Connected
    JAZZ ???? zzirgrizz
    zzirgrizz Left the game.

  2. mexicaaaatgl

    Me:Mom i got a tripple killfeed
    Mom:Haha u suck compared to jazz get in your room and get better

  3. TheKielyy

    People have to remember this was made when a quadfeed was THE BEST. The standard of clips for montages have gone up alot in the last couple of months. So remember that before you leave a comment.

  4. ItZTriiickZ

    @RadiumEditing because its saying capture the Hq. Trolls like you just find a way to make some bullshit excuse cuz some1 is better than u.

  5. TheOnlineNoobtuber

    Goooooooooooooood playing!! One of the best montages i have seen for a long time! Witch sniper do you think is the best?
    Damn good editing;)

  6. raptor539

    @RadiumEditing Start of the game- capture the hq still hadn’t disappeared….plus its not a SL cuz theres an mp5 kill right after his triple

  7. Marcusk45

    the reason these clips are so sick is because half of the quad feeds are like quickscopes across the accurate

  8. RadiumEditing

    1:28,, sniper lobby triple,, it doesnt say that hes got a radar and its at the start of the game..:/


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