Billie Holiday : Fine and mellow (1957)

in this video: Billie Holiday singing with Ben Webster — tenor saxophone, Lester Young — tenor saxophone, Vic Dickenson — trombone, Gerry Mulligan — baritone saxophone, Coleman Hawkins — tenor saxophone, Roy Eldridge — trumpet, Doc Cheatham — trumpet, Danny Barker — guitar, Milt Hinton — double bass, Mal Waldron — piano and Osie Johnson – drums

24 thoughts on “Billie Holiday : Fine and mellow (1957)

  1. gf slack

    That’s Roy, as in “well come here Roy? and get groovy” Eldridge. Check out a young Anita O’day and Eldridge in Let Me Off uptown”

  2. Rick Smith

    I love to watch this film. The look on her face, the way she holds her head and smiles while Lester Young? does his solos…….it’s almost as good as her vocal interpretation itself.

  3. perfectgonzo1

    Thanks, now it’s all clear. Blues is NOT actually a separate? kind of misic, it’s just a certain “layer” or “plane” or whatever (not sure what it’s called in English). Thanks again for opening this world for me. Jazz is something more than just a crackling noise now.
    P.S. How did they managed to gather all these great guys together? Aren’t they all first-class stars with their own concerns?

  4. wabnoles

    The sound on this video does not do the original recording any justice… if anyone will listen to the recorded version,. the trumpet solo is absolutely nailed with those high notes. His notes were so high the rudimentary tv sound systems of the day did not pick? them up well.

  5. Killuh751

    get a google account t’s run by them now! conglomerations!lol my grand dad would love this if? he were still alive! he played trumpet, piano and clarinet!

  6. SebowTube

    not only her voice is so deeply touching, the way she lives the music played by the other musicians is real? but she’s also so beautiful… (I know it’s ridiculous but I love looking at her)

  7. battenwood

    I agree with? you. I’ve been here for years and this is without a doubt my favorite vid…

    I’m glad I was able to have seen some of those superstars while they were still with us.

    If there was ever a better jazz jam session, I have yet to see—or hear—it.


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