17 thoughts on “Bill Nye and Tyne Stecklein – Jazz – Dancing with the Stars 17

  1. Curtis Dominguez

    Ayo, you see dis shit right here? thats motherfuckin bill nye the fucking
    science guy up there doin the robot and shit, and if you dont think thats
    the tightest shit then get outta my face.?

  2. Tenzin dolma

    Bill Nye owns my childhood. He did amazing considering he has an injured
    knee. Without bill teachers would have given long boring lectures that
    would have had me bored to death he changed so much ?????

  3. mrsmartypants2002

    It’s still weird to me that how bill nye went from science shows to
    dancing… So the rumors were true that he was there! (/)O_O()?


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