Best Smooth Jazz host Rod Lucas (3rd Jan 2015)

Best Smooth Jazz plays smooth jazz from 5 decades – all hand chosen by host Rod Lucas from London England. All INSTRUMENTAL vibes. This show previews new releases both singles and albums …
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17 thoughts on “Best Smooth Jazz host Rod Lucas (3rd Jan 2015)

  1. BestSmoothJazz .

    Best Smooth Jazz plays smooth jazz from 5 decades – all hand chosen by host
    Rod Lucas and all INSTRUMENTAL vibes.

    Join Rod for some soft jazzy vibes, full of style, soulfulness, and mouth
    watering delights. This is contemporary fused jazz on the rocks. This show
    is good for illness and sanity :) First aired 3rd Jan 2015?

  2. juan manuel Hernandez

    Un Feliz Año Rod, Seguimos escuchando tu musica BEST SMOOTH JAZZ, que este
    año que sea paz,amor y felicidad para todos ustedes, un fuerte abrazo.?

  3. David A

    Hi Rod, I’m a new listener from up here in Glasgow and would like to say
    because of your station/shows I’ve discovered new artists and have also
    ordered 2 albums as a result. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year! ?

  4. Joseph Raymond

    Hey! Rod how are you doing,this is Joseph from Encino California,congrats
    on winnintg your case with you know those guys im glad my mentor is back on
    the airwaves don’t forget we want to see you good as new when you come back
    from your shoulder operation take care and god bless.?

  5. Oscar Sierra

    Hola Rod…. que este nuevo año sea mejor para tu persona y familia. De
    nuevo gracias por tu gran aporte que nos das por medio de esta música
    exquisita…. Gracias Rod. Tienes todo nuestro apoyo desde Guatemala. Este
    2015 trae bendiciones para todo lo que hagas…. bienvenido y
    felicitaciones…. Fraternalmente…… Oscar Sierra.?

  6. Bose Geepas

    Happy New Year Rod Lucas….Thank you for the music… Best smooth jazz…
    Have a wonderful year ahead….. From Sam , Bahrain – Middle east.?

  7. ThugRev

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR ROD LUCAS. It’s so good to hear, and see you
    up and running, playing the Best Smooth Jazz! First day back to work, and
    I’m immersed in the atmospheric allure of the sweet sounds in my ears! ?

  8. Eletkert

    Dear Rod!
    Please describe to me what the title of that song, which went at 3:08
    minutes in this video! Many times I have heard you, and I love it !!! But
    unfortunately, I do not know the address :)?

  9. Eduardo Vidal

    Improving every program, it´s so great!, I can listen it all day long.

    Congrats from Chihuahua, Mexico Mr. Lucas?

  10. ????

    Whatever you decide to do we will always support you . Have a nice day?
    Thank you for the best music in life .?

  11. Imre Sz?cs

    Thank you Rob! My chill times worth nothing without best smooth jazz! Happy
    new year!
    Unfortunately, snow haven’t reached us yet here in Hungary. :( I have to go
    back to school tomorrow, (I’m 15) so I’m happy that this video just came
    out! :)?


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