18 thoughts on “Best Smooth Jazz (9th August 2014)

  1. Luiz Ney

    Hello Rod Lucas once again congratulations for the great selection of
    smooth jazz.
    Luiz – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil.?

  2. BestSmoothJazz .

    Here’s Rod Lucas with Best Smooth Jazz. New releases and super classic Soft
    Jazz faves. All instrumental.?

  3. VFW Duane

    Hey what gives? Your 31 August 2013 is one the best shows I have ever
    heard. The jazz mix is near perfect. Bob Baldwin Sea breeze, Pat Yandall
    My Lady, Rick Braun Magic Moment, Tim Bowman Summer Grove, Norman Brown
    Jazz Me, Kieko Malsui Stingo, and the list goes on from that show. I have
    listened to that show for the last few months, however, now when I try to
    listen to the show, I get a message that says the 31 August 2013 is no
    longer available in my country (USA). Can tell me what is going on. I can
    get other shows but why dont this show. Thank you?

  4. Paul Jeremy Villaruel

    Spreading good vibes with cuts of best smooth jazz from Somalia, East
    Africa. Thank you Rod Lucas and gang.?

  5. Lillie Haygood

    Ohh my goodness, so this is what I’ve been missing. My sis programed this
    jazz app on my new tab3 back in 2014. At that time i was hooked on the
    blue sky (lol)!! Well a few minutes ago you played Benson, so I stayed.
    Then i heard you mention youtube, so now you have a new fan in cincinnati,


  6. yamanakasakuramasu

    Dear Mr. Rod Lucas

    Nice music?we love!!

    In Japan ,we have summer (short) vacation.

    My family will go plateau,with your sound. It will be likely to spend a
    good time,wow.

    Thank you.

    And have a nice August!!

    T.Y. Osaka Japan.?

  7. Possam

    Dear Rod Lucas
    Sunday, Tokyo weather in the aftermath of typhoon
    Jazz music of the rod that has been refined alive and well today
    Jazz the best blow also typhoon, Jazz, Jazz
    Thank you so much.?

  8. Cody Ng

    Hi Rod, new subscriber here from Hong Kong. Just want to let you know you
    are now my go-to music source for work. Thanks for putting this channel and
    good music together. Not a music expert but love the acoustic + piano combo
    with Jazz.?

  9. rafael ortiz de elguea

    ohhh, summer smooth jazz , ROD !! COOL BEER, WOMEN ON THE BEACH…WITH BEST

  10. Kem Washington

    THANK YOU , THANK YOU , THANK YOU….. Your show is so very lovely what a
    way to start my work day ….. :) SMOOCHES ?

  11. Jazzy Club?

    ??*•*•.¸Jazzy Club¸.•*•??
    ….::: gr8 spirit it feels in this mix mr bee ess jay… cya soon, un
    promis 😉 xO????

  12. Velija Hadzija

    hey lucas best’re definitely fix iphone and on each install best smooth
    jazz radio, and listen to the whole day while I work when I eat, when I go
    with the neighbors especially, be good, be careful listening to you bsjr
    forever, greetings from pula croatia?


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