Best Smooth Jazz (1st March 2014) Host Rod Lucas

Best Smooth Jazz (1st March 2014) Host Rod Lucas

Host Rod Lucas plays more Best Smooth Jazz from London. This “not for profit” show features new and classic Smooth Soft Jazz and artists you’ve never heard b…
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20 thoughts on “Best Smooth Jazz (1st March 2014) Host Rod Lucas

  1. eddi rosario

    What is the name of the song @ 10:00? please tell me , my dad used to
    listed to this and it literally brought me to tears.?

  2. Alexis Hadjisoteriou

    Just heard my name on your show at 2:24:54 :-) :-)
    Keep up the good work and tell your son to become a lawyer or a politician
    – I loved the way he tried to wiggle out of the “RouteMaster” statement
    (that they have doors!) ….?

  3. Maja Go

    Hello Rod,! A lot of thanks for your greetings! I appreciate your choice of
    the best music. I love all what you suggest in your rich collection I
    really enjoy!! Wish you good mood every time! , Best greetings Maya?

  4. Darrek Robertson

    Sunday night, stuck in front of the computer again for research and design
    projects, but wait… Rod Lucas has got my back with London’s epic March
    1st smooth jazz combo. More than music to my ears, its an energy signal to
    my soul and heart. Thanks Rod baby!?

  5. Oscar Sierra

    Buena semana Rod… que esta música siga alimentando el espíritu…. cuando
    puedas, nos compartes la musica de Roberto Pereda. Felicitaciones…?

  6. BestSmoothJazz .

    Hi Smooth Groovers -here’s Rod Lucas with another 4 hour video of Best
    Smooth Jazz from his London studio.?

  7. calibreeze007

    Was looking forward to the Academy awards, but even more so to 4 new hours
    of Mr. Rod Lucas and Best Smooth Jazz! Cheers Mr. Lucas! ?


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