Best Smooth Jazz (18th October 2014) Host Rod Lucas

Here’s radio host Rod Lucas with the TV version of his Best Smooth Jazz – commercial free program. In this show more new releases and super faves. Smooth jaz…
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25 thoughts on “Best Smooth Jazz (18th October 2014) Host Rod Lucas

  1. jeatashful

    Hello from Northern California! I came your youtube channel while trying
    to find some soothing smooth jazz. Thank you so much! Happy 2K15!!! ?

  2. Henry Pali

    Aloha Rod, Stumbled on all of your Youtube postings.Wow! It’s just amazing
    to see so many people all over this planet have found a gem in this hostile
    world of ours and are enjoying the great work that you do. Mahalo a nui
    loa! thanks alot from Molokai, Hawaii, USA?

  3. Julio César García Guerrero

    From Venezuela, friend Rod Lucas greets you, I like your style and your
    nice selection of jazz, you did not know, and thank you that you showed up
    and I truly am generation yours, the best of times, where he was and is the
    best music, the current have misrepresented it to such extremes that
    nothing to do. I congratulate you. God bless you…

    Desde Venezuela, se te saluda amigo Rod Lucas, me gusta tu estilo y tu
    agradable selección de jazz, no te conocía y gracias que apareciste y
    verdaderamente soy de la generación tuya, el mejor de los tiempos, donde
    fue y es la mejor música, la actual la han tergiversado a tales extremos
    que nada que ver. Te felicito. Dios te bendiga…?

  4. Everett Patterson

    Hey Rod, love your show, been listening everyday while I work. Hey There’s
    a great smooth Jazz band from here in Denver Colorado called Dotsero. I’m
    sure you’ve heard of them, can you play some of their stuff too? Thanks!?

  5. Vicente Tadeu Marchi

    Congratulations Rod Lucas, every morning in my morning coffee I hear your
    program and start the day with music of quality. I like a lot. I call from

  6. Oscar Sierra

    Gracias Lucas…. excelente música… atinada y sugerente… la hemos
    disfrutado en familia con la esperanza de paz y disfrute….
    Felicitaciones, siempre desde Guatemala.?

  7. firas53

    Hi Rod! it has been always a pleasure chilling on the Best Smooth Jazz
    ever! Keep it up! Hope your shoulder gets better, as an ex-bodybuilder I
    had an injury in my shoulder and caused me Tendons Inflammation. Aside of
    medication, the best thing to do is to boil some dry FenuGreek seeds and
    then drain them and drink it, just once daily and within 2 weeks you will
    feel great! and by the way, what is your other full time job? :)?

  8. PsyTrance Srb

    From a psychedelic trance producer from Serbia , lots of love! Love the
    show love the music , it really brings light in the ones soul :) thank you

  9. BestSmoothJazz .

    Here’s Rod ‘Smooth Grooving’ Lucas with his Red Rose and more Smooth Jazz
    vibes. New and classics. Also Smooth Jazz you’ve not heard before. All
    instrumental. ?

  10. chki88

    I’ve just found you and, wow! Thanks Rod! I’ve been working while listening
    to your programme. It’s great listening to smooth jazz whenever you have to
    concentrate or just relax. Thank you :)
    Cheers from Chile! :D?

  11. Nelson Birden

    I have been a jazz fan for years. I decided to look for jazz outside the US
    on youtube and found your show. I thinks it’s great!!! I’ve downloaded four
    of your shows and listen to them in my car, house, I-pod. You’ve got a fan
    for life here in the US. Please don’t stop and keep up the good work.?

  12. Brian S. Eldridge

    Rod, your videos are now frequently interrupted with annoying video ads.
    Every 10 minutes, actually. What happened??

  13. Baard Aasrum

    Hello from Norway, difficult to catch name of track and performer from
    1:17:25. Appreciate contribution. Regards Baard?


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