Best Smooth Jazz (15th Nov 2014) Host Rod Lucas

Welcome here’s another Best Smooth Jazz TV video show (15th Nov 2014) Host Rod Lucas plays more new and classic smooth jazz music. Why is Rod looking like Ta…
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23 thoughts on “Best Smooth Jazz (15th Nov 2014) Host Rod Lucas

  1. Carlos Mendoza

    Nice to meet you Rod and thanks a lot, for let us enjoy your videos.
    Working from my house in Venezuela, listening this amazing music. My best

  2. BestSmoothJazz .

    Host Rod Lucas from England with another Best Smooth Jazz TV show.(15th Nov
    2014) Happy Thanks Giving USA. Rod Lucas Smooth Jazz’s worst DJ having a
    good time.

  3. ??????? ?????

    ??? ?????? ?????????, ??? ?????????? ???. ?????? “?????” ? ?????? ?????? ?
    ??? ????? ???????????. ??? – ?????. ????????. ?????.?

  4. Sakaki Onsei

    Happy that this is back, and that you’re looking really really good, Rod!
    Keep up the good work, and keep kicking those smooth sounds down the line! ?

  5. atimtambaby

    “Rodina”…you’re so HOT at 3:01:00. But then again I could use a new pair
    of glasses. All joking aside, from the earlier description of your injury,
    I thought you had what’s known as a torn “rotator cuff.” My wife tore hers
    because she insisted on pulling dead wisteria vines that were already
    falling out. It took 9 months post-surgery to get full range of motion. ?

  6. PS Beauty801

    Can you make a shout out in your next show to Shereen and Ruthie from New
    Jersey, USA. It would make our day! We listen to you all the time at work.

  7. Carlos Quiros

    I am connected form Costa Rica in Central America, the happiest country in
    the world.
    I really enjoy your program, actually is my favorite. I condere this is the
    source of Smooth Jazz, like a music Mall where the Radio Stations must come
    up to choose there inventory. Congratulations!!?

  8. Brian S. Eldridge

    Happy to see a new Smooth Jazz video here, Rod. Thanks! Excellent show.
    Take care of that shoulder :)?

  9. Donna Dean

    Premier league stuff Rod, beautiful selection of the old and the new. Keep
    up the great work – donation on the way… David & Donna Skegness Soul &
    Jazz Weekender.?

  10. yug909

    How can you find the name of the songs played in this video? Is there a
    playlist available somewhere online? I’d like to buy some of the songs on
    I Tunes if they are available. ?

  11. LtPeckerHead

    holy shit what song is playing at around 23 minutes you didnt mention and
    thank you so much for taking the time and money to do this?


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