Bernard “Pretty” Purdie: 16th Note Shuffle [] Bernard “Pretty” Purdie (‘The world’s most recorded drummer’) lesson about 16th Note Rhythms including the “psshh” hihat groove and the classic bass drum beats. DRUMS: Sonor CYMBALS: Sabian

25 thoughts on “Bernard “Pretty” Purdie: 16th Note Shuffle

  1. PositivelyBored

    amazing that something so SIMPLE and musical that Purdie is doing here, most average rock and metal drummers CANNOT get. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Something to consider if this secretly “hits close to home”…


  2. lumalav666

    I learned to play drums like that… It happened the same to me when I opened the hi hat! now ive been playing for 10 years, and Im still doing it and getting better every day.! great video!

  3. heartydugan

    “oh ho ho hey hey ha! Whoaaa! ohhhh ahhrighttt! oh! yes! and thats how my ghost notes came about, and my hi-hat my pshht pshht yeah”

  4. widedenke

    hi-hat to wg mnie najciekawszy wynalazek w perkusji, Bernard fajnie powiedzia?, ?e razu pewnego odkry?, ?e ma powietrze pomi?dzy blachami, i to przez przypadek, i psss psss. Szkoda ?e tak ma?o fajnych filmรณw o b?bnach po polsku:(


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