Battlefield 3 Top 5 Plays – Episode 8 | Pixel Enemy

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25 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Top 5 Plays – Episode 8 | Pixel Enemy

  1. robokou

    Lmao @ 4:30!? Mindblowing shooting skills and tops it off with trying to de fribillate the chopper… too awesome!

  2. WoooKid18

    Number 2!! That is how recon should be played!!! Not sitting in the mountains doing fuck all for your team!! Like not using your equipment etc and also the most annoying thing about kids sitting it the mountains with snipers, is you cant spawn on them because there so far away from the objective.?

  3. xXxT1MM3LxXx

    number 3 is easy…? when you always kill snipers with an headshot from the tank in 1000 meters distance 😀

  4. partyboy2921

    He was probably? used to the engineer class on to repair tool it but instead had a defibrillator.

  5. AkKazu

    If you don’t use a gaming mouse already, it’s worth putting a little money into. The Razer Naga MMOG is a very popular mouse because you can? switch weapons using you right thumb, and it’s usually about $60-$80.


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