Battlefield 3 Top 5 Plays Episode 11 | Pixel Enemy

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25 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Top 5 Plays Episode 11 | Pixel Enemy

  1. TheGayNiceDevils

    What’s the song during #1? It’s so familiar but I can’t remember where it’s from.?

  2. skgtyuk95862

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  3. sukotto420

    hey, how do I send my entry in other than the gmail? I have a video? but it exceeds the 25mb limit, its at 78mb my vid

  4. tlyer sensano

    DANG ur really good 21 kills and 1 death i can? only get up to 18 and 5 deaths keep up the good work PatriotRanger

  5. rshwoegh

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  6. venomloc66

    can someone please tell me whats the name of the song with the guitar solo for the video? that came in second with the chopper

  7. erina0926mn

    ????? ?????????????????????????…?? ????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Youtube??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????m(__)m ?????????htt?:// /

  8. KoNZsir

    number 1 was trash, by the way he was playing against noobs look at who killed him also? number 4 he got killed by players who were just playing the game.


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