Bass comparison – Fender precision, jazz bass, Musicman bongo, stingray

Basses : Fender Jazz bass japan reissue (1993) – Pickups fender custom 60. Fender Pecision American Standard (2010) – Pickups seymour duncan SPB-3 Musicman B…
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21 thoughts on “Bass comparison – Fender precision, jazz bass, Musicman bongo, stingray

  1. Shannon Corley

    First bass I ever learned on and still own is my P-Bass. But I definitely
    would love to own a jazz or even a Fender jaguar bass. Fender is classic
    you can’t really go wrong. ?

  2. Trevor McGarry

    The Musicman tone has just never appealed to me in the way I think it
    should. There’s no question that the basses they make are crafted
    exceptionally well, but the tone sounds a bit too treble-based. I’ll always
    prefer a good Precision bass sound, much like the one shown here.?

  3. Vasily Neganov

    Excellent video / comparison / job! Thanks a lot for bringing this all
    together! Wish I found this a year ago :)?

  4. chay anavah

    Great choice of rhythms for bass comparisons. Seamless runs. Would like to
    see Warwick, Ken Smith, and a few other reputable basses in this type of
    head-to-head competition.?

  5. Pipo Jazz

    This video was really well made…. Very useful for those who wonder what
    bass matches the best with his or her personality.

    Keep doing videos like this one.
    Greetings from Chile!!?


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