25 thoughts on “Avishai Cohen Trio – Eleven Wives

  1. NouveauNick

    This is just fantastic – absolutely the most refreshing sound to hit my ears in forever – stunningly beautiful.

  2. MrCotopaxi

    @UncleePaulie bah if any of old jazz musicians had a chance to record their music on gear that is curentlly used u wouldnt be so sure

  3. CaraminTim

    @alexhardin610 If you mean who: Mark Guiliana
    If you mean what time signature: 11/8 or 11/4, depends on how you ‘feel’ it
    If you mean which brand: no :-)

  4. carlofos

    for those guys figuring out the signature, it’s in the title of the song as it is a tradition that many songs include a hint there. 11

  5. TeresaCruz

    @liupolak Do you have the video of “Come Together” from this live show?? Please, please, please, tell me you’ll post it!!! :)

  6. paisteguy799

    bar of 7 and a bar of 4, easiest way to count it in my opinion, nevermind the signiature, this song is sooo fucking brilliant, melodic, cerebral, and full of groove


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