24 thoughts on “Autumn leaves – Miles Davis

  1. ErasmusBMountain

    You’re quite right!! That’s the best Cannonball Adderly I’ve ever heard. And this is actually true for the whole LP with the title? SOMETIN’ ELSE.

  2. erikneoland

    I’m 21, Fuck ya! Aw man, now I’m part of this age stating? shit? whatevs. I like the tune, it’s nice.

  3. frenchpro16

    Give more credit to Cannonball Adderley, he was the leader and arranger,
    while Miles was a sideman. Plus, their solos are at least? equally compelling.

  4. pancakeboy12

    This isn’t on a Miles Davis album. This was from a Cannonball Adderley album ‘Somethin’? Else’. Please, posy correct information.


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