25 thoughts on “Antonio Carlos Jobim – “Brazil/Aquarela Do Brasil”

  1. luizaurelionogueira

    Belíssima!Excelente e imortal música do também nosso Ari Barroso,interpretada e ouvida aos quatro cantos do mundo,por grandes intérpretes!Parabéns!!!

  2. Evandro10brasil


    espero que possa ajudar..
    talvez lá deva ter algo relacionado a essa telenovela..
    no site globomarcas . com . br
    abraço amigo
    abraço amigo

  3. snazzyjazzyshar

    This beat can’t be beat. I can still hear Antoinio singing this one… I use to sing with The Barcelona Trend patterned after Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66… we did all his hits……

  4. danilosdesouza

    @panizoboy nos EUA se escreve com z, nao existe a regra do s/ss/z aqui. Se nao os gringos pronunciariam Brassil

  5. FilAmFan

    @TiagoMancini And what about “Samba do Avião” four minutes before landing at Galeao?
    Even the jet does a little samba before landing here! 😉

  6. rafanno1

    Few years ago I watched Brazilian telenovela called “Aquarela do Brazil”. This song is also used in telenovela. Main role was singer Iza (Maria Fernanda Candido) who was trying to make career during the World War II. She met two guys and fall in love with them. One was soldier, other was pianist. Beautiful story. I would like to watch it again. How can I find all the episodes? Thanks, guys.


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