25 thoughts on “Al di Meola-Billy Cobham,Chick Corea live “Spain” wmv

  1. smith507

    7:52 Al’s stare; he’s probably? thinking “And Billy just keeps going!”
    Anyway, he seems to enjoy playing this song.

  2. grooveschtroumpf

    Is not often that Chick and Billy plays? togheter…cool version of Spain !!!
    I think it was in 1983 😉

  3. FzR123

    Best jazz trio ever , they came in morocco , it was an honor , AL di meola? 2 times, chick corea previous year and billy cobham this monday By the way 😉

  4. ricrica2012

    when was this? how did i miss this trio? superb stuff. hopefully? someday they do it again.

  5. TV2DAYproductions

    Al Di Meola picks every note clean. Cobham better than the rest? Not sure how I would measure that. It’s amazing what Cobham is doing with this piece. It’s just nice to see them together re-visiting this piece. To criticise Al Di Meola is not to know him and how he is in perfect timing with his band(s). The sound wasn’t all that? good, but then I’d rather hear than not hear it at all.

  6. nicoplienful

    wat een heerlijkheid is dit, deze emotie. Dit doet toch iets of? Thanks for the music and these musicians are? profhets for next musicianns. thanks for hearing and dealing and so on.

  7. nekyiapyriplegethon

    The sound is not good…not at all…Besides the? music of course .
    The next time you will digitalize any music take please find a time sync or something plugin to improve the sound quality.

  8. tn526

    I know he was probably working on his amateur college film making degree but THE LAST THING I WANT TO SEE DURING A MASTER’S DRUM SOLO ARE? BOATS AND TRAINS! Jeeze

  9. TheTranslator100

    Di Meola with an archtop?!? Sounds? typically fast, but not really the kind of “traditional” Jazz /Bebop phrasing you’d hear from a strait-up Jazz player using an archtop. His speed acts as an equalizer, though…


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