Adam plays Jazz Sax

Adam Carrillo plays the standard “Have You Met Miss Jones?”. He had the chance to play with a top notch rhythm section during an audition recording. In the true art of improvisation the group came together for the very first time for this recording! As a result Adam was selected as a member of the inaugural Jazz Band of America. Adam will be performing in March with Wynton Marsalis. The Jazz Band of America will also open for the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

25 thoughts on “Adam plays Jazz Sax

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  2. MTenery14

    @AmAzInGdEfEnSeMaN Dude….get a life….this guy is in my sax studio at Baylor University. He can actually play like this, and is even way better now. Quit going on YouTube just to cause unnecessary controversy, and get a life. Thank you

  3. AmAzInGdEfEnSeMaN

    Listen I have no idea if this guy is legit or not. He could be the next Bird for all i know but all I’m saying is he finger synced the video 100%. And you guys need to seriously get a life

  4. DizzySaxophone

    @AmAzInGdEfEnSeMaN maybe you have really bad hand position and technique, because with someone as great as his you can hardly see their fingers move most of the time. Just look at the few live videos of bird, he hardly moves his fingers. I know this guy personally. He is amazingly talented. I have a feeling you’re just jealous

  5. jackinyrsax

    @AmAzInGdEfEnSeMaN oorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?? or? maybe your just a terrible player yourself and this talent in someone so young just irritates you to bone?? i dnt know? that sounds more likely to me then this video being fake you absolute dimwitted downsyndrom perplexed complexed disillusioned arse fiddling pedophilic fool…

  6. 23jdballer

    @robin17171 how is tht rude? rude is me saying u hav week feelings. ur the 1 who started so u changed nothin

  7. 14yearolddeadhead

    You’ve probably transcribed many solos throughout your years of practice. Now I will transcribe yours.

  8. OctobreTress

    Holy crap, what up with all the hate? Can everyone just drop it and enjoy this guy’s mad skills?

  9. robin17171

    @23jdballer Just because somebody says something rude does NOT mean you should post ANOTHER rude comment. It just circles. And it changes nothing.


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