20 thoughts on “ACID JAZZ ON THE ROCKS COLLECTION (1998 2012) Jimmys Remix

  1. lukus black

    Anyone know what starts at about 25:30? I’ve been looking for an album that
    sounds quite similar, but don’t know the artist… and the entire album has
    no lyrics… bloody helpful, no??

  2. socalion90

    i haven’t found something this amazing since i heard mushroom jazz. Does
    anyone have any other good suggestions for getting deeper into this type of

  3. HotshotGTar

    Ok…… I plainly hear the Jazz part : Where’s the “Acid” part ? It’s
    funky for sue but I wouldn’t characterize it as being ‘trippy”. Monotonous
    as many jazz tunes tend to be : Is that a drum machine in the background ?
    Acid Jazz ; interesting thought !?

  4. BNforever2009

    like this, deep jazzy groove, sunny saturday and cruising thru the
    countryside, and a beautiful woman beside me.?


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