25 thoughts on “#2 Morrison Sandoval Marsalis Faddis

  1. rodcrippler

    @TheRaptorfiend not “damn” tall, around 6’3, cause Wynton and Arturo are around 6′. The thing is Morrison looks too short next to Faddis

  2. TheJazzSwings

    Yeah, wow, I just cant get over faddis’ mask. Seriously. I don’t think I have ever seen someone so composed through the registers of my horn. I have seen a really firm mask on my favorite local guy, but he is stone.

  3. gabtrom

    I especially appreciate Morrison’s sense of structure in his solo. Beginning Middle and End. He does not just string licks together.

  4. saxforth

    James Morrison is flat out horrifying. Please note…he plays all the saxes, euphonium, trombone, et cetera, et cetera I N A D D I T I O N to pulling out a couple of jumbo cans of whoop-ass in the swinging and trumpeting department. And FUNKY??!!What a friggin’ monster. He’s not of this planet.

  5. MrSunofbeach

    I know where they play solos like trade 4 bar
    my point is ‘where is full solo? not 4 bar. full solo just like james morrison.

  6. Whyliefortruth


    Dude check/ watch?v=s3WKYG-wh-o&feature=related

    It’s got their solos where they like trade 8’s.


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