?????????Jeremy Lin NY Knicks VS UT Jazz 02/06/2012

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23 thoughts on “?????????Jeremy Lin NY Knicks VS UT Jazz 02/06/2012

  1. EisenheinD

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  2. alber168

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  5. catch170521

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    林書豪扔爆猶他爵士Jeremy Lin NY? Knicks VS UT Jazz 02/06/2012

  6. michealtheangel

    Carmelo should leave Knicks. Without Carmelo , the team wins . Carmelo doesnot fit in the team . Lin brings excitement to the whole team and Lin will lead the team win . I want the knicks win win win …just like last month? .

  7. dookdawg214

    Pro players are lazy as hell on defense and rarely move their feet. I’m surprised players don’t zip through the baseline more often. It only takes a bit of intelligence to think, hey, if you don’t cut it off I’m going? to keep going. Lin has a great court IQ.

  8. syf9493



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