17 thoughts on “????BGM??????????????

  1. ???????


    1.Jam from memories of winter (DDBY?????)
    2.SUMIZOME! (TLi-synth?SaXi)
    3.oakwood (flap+frog????????)
    4.Never Snow Falling Town two years ago (Sound of Swing?Sound of Swing)
    5.Phantom Night Story (SWING HOLIC?Swing Holic Band)
    6.Waltz for Devil (?????????)
    7.Un Fiore Rosa (Take1) (flap+frog????????)
    8.osprey (flap+frog????????)
    9.Capricious waltz (surreacheese???????????)
    10.well-defined (OrangeCoffee?wonder)
    11.Ghost Fun”k”tion (TLi-synth?SaXi)
    12.Bright red sailing (surreacheese???????????)
    13.The second princess (Jazzy Onion???)
    14.Twilight Haze (?????????)
    15???????? (???????NEETs?????)?


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